Responses to Derek Jarman’s Blue (1993)

Responses to Derek Jarman’s Blue (1993)

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Pilot Press 2022, Softcover, 128 pages, 20 × 15 cm

Contributions by Roelof Bakker, Jared Davis, Becca Albee, Linda Kemp, Ashleigh A. Allen, David Nash, Sam Moore, Anton Stuebner, Gonçalo Lamas, Olivia Laing, Nate Lippens, Jason Lipeles, JP Seabright, Andrew Cummings, Sig Olson, Maria Sledmere, Cleo Henry, Jessie McClaughlin, Lars Meijer, Scott Treleaven, Declan Wiffen, Caitlin Merrett King, Harry Agius, António Manso Preto, Adriana Lazarova, Brooke Palmieri, D Mortimer, Mary Manning, Aaron James Murphy

Responses to Derek Jarman's Blue is the third publication in a series of anthologies from Pilot Press seeking contemporary responses to works of art made during the AIDS crisis.

In this third iteration, responses were sought to the 1993 film Blue by the multidisciplinary artist Derek Jarman.