Replacement for Francesca

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Self published, 2021, Softcover, 113 pages, 16.5 × 11 cm

Featuring contributions by Karolina Alvekrans, Paul Bailey, Adam Basanta, Appau Jnr, Boakye-Yiadom, Aladin Borioli, Emma Bouraba, Oisin Byrne, Daniella Chukwuezi, Daniel Felstead, Adam Gibbons, Pau Geis, Fabienne Hess, Samuel Jackson, Justyna Kabala, Tara Langford, Phoebe Lee, Maria Lissoni, Iain Mckell, Floriane Misslin, C-Jaye Newton, Misha Notley, Maria Paradinas, Luca Pascali, Emma Sproat, Rebecca Stringer, Batia Suter, Yuan Zhu

Departing from traditional economic theory and academic writing, the book takes a creative turn to redefine post-capitalist desire as a bodily experience. Here desire is approached as a physical and inborn tendency to pursue what is not yet visible nor charted, which reveals delicate ways of encountering an economy- in-common. Through the pages, desire unfolds into an erotic exploration and an infantile remembrance, questioning the role of heteronormativity and body politics in the stubborn preservation of capitalistic models. In order to orientate our bodies towards post-capitalistic landscapes, we put our focus on the relationship between the body and the object – the spatial dimension of design forges the way we can physically (and socially) turn towards the Other, as well as towards ourselves.

The book counts 5 short pieces of creative writing and a visual essay compiled with the contribution of invited practitioners, manifesting as a political playground for grown-ups. A series of coloured  filters is offered to support dyslexic readers, but also to encourage different visual experiences of the project – blue for an erotic reading, yellow for an infantile one.