FELT Poster

FELT Poster

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As of 2017 rosewood has been banned from export by CITE.
This affects certain musical instruments from travelling abroad.

This guitar was refashioned by Lawrence in the late eighties, who used it for his first band’s last concert. It subsequently disappeared before making a notable re-emergence in the 2011 film Lawrence of Belgravia. In the week leading up to the exhibition Lawrence - Second Thoughts/Doutes, the instrument was photographed in England and its picture sent to Belgium, where this poster was created; the guitar became part of the exhibition after all. 

This official release marks the one year anniversary of the exhibition Lawrence- Second Thoughts/Doutes at Dépendance Gallery, Brussels.

Guitar by Lawrence
Photographed by Paul Kelly
Preflight by Christian Flamm
Production by Dépendance
Din A2, b/w, dimensions 1:1