Reworlding Ramallah: Short Science Fiction Stories From Palestine

Reworlding Ramallah: Short Science Fiction Stories From Palestine

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Onomatopee, 2021, Softcover, 166 pages, 17.5 × 10 cm

Contributions by Lama Altakruri, Shayma Nader, Adele Jarrar, Shada Mustafa, Qusai Al Saify, Hiba Isleem, Jamila Ewais, Fakhry Al-Serdawi.

Texts in English & Arabic.

Reworlding Ramallah is a collection of stories born of a series of science fiction writing workshops led by Callum Copley at Disarming Design in Birzeit, a few miles north of Ramallah, Palestine. ‘Reworlding’ is the name given to a concerted effort to reimagine the places and spaces we inhabit, by generating a multiplicity of futures to affect the present positively. Reworlding takes the notion of world-building beyond purposes such as art or entertainment, and instead deploys it as a radical tool to instigate change in the world. From alien experiments to fortune-tellers to telepathic conspiracies, the stories compiled in the book represent visions of Palestine and beyond, reworlding both the local and the interplanetary. The contributions in the collection vary in form, length and style and join a rapidly growing, if comparatively small, niche of Palestinian science fiction.